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March 26, 2008

The Plan!!!!

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Yesterday was my big appointment with my RE to sign all the consents for IVF and find out what my drug protocol will be. I went into the appointment very nervous but I am excited about the outcome. Jeff and I showed up about 15 minutes early and checked in. Our appointment was at 9:40 and it was probably closer to 10 by the time we got in there. At first the Doc went over all of our test results, which we already knew the results of with the exception of the Day 3 Labs. I was a little puzzled by this but I figured he just wanted to go over the whole situation before jumping into the big stuff. But then he looks at us and says we have two options. We can do IUIs or go straight to IVF. I was floored. I reminded him that he told us our only choice was to do IVF with ICSI based on the SA. I told him he had already given us the big IVF binder (which I held up to prove my point) and that we had already gone to the IVF class!!! The Doc looked at me and said “when did we do that” I thought I was going to loose it. So he went out and asked the nurse where the notes would be in the chart. Once the nurse found it in the chart and showed it to him, we were off to a much better start. So we went ahead and signed our names a million times to all sorts of consents. I am going to start birth control the next time I get my period (I am currently CD 22 of a 35-40 day cycle) and then I start Lupron on CD 18. Once I get my period while on the lupron I will call to schedule bloodwork and ultrasound and then start on gonal-F.

So I am wondering a few things and hoping for the wisdom of the blogosphere. First, are there are side effects or weird things which you have experienced on these meds. Second, what experiences do you have with Day 3 vs Day 5 transfers. My insurance covers Day 3 transfers but I don’t think they do Day 5. My clinic prefers Day 5 if possible but I can’t afford it if the insurance company doesn’t cover it. (Yes I know I am spoiled living in Massachusetts) So I am just wondering what experiences people have with Day 3 vs Day 5 transfers.



March 23, 2008

Bridal Shower and Being Outted at work…

So I have been on Spring Break this past week and I am sad to see it end. I go back to classes on Tuesday. Tuesday will be another ridiculously busy day. I have to be in Springfield at the RE for 9:40, which means we have to leave our house at 7:40, 8am at the latest. Oh and we have to take two cars because when we are done at the RE I have to drive to Pittsfield to the college for a class at 1:30. Then I have to go to work for 3-11 and I will get home around 11:30ish. Gross, what a long day.

On Tuesday we are signing all of the consents and learning what medications the RE is going to put me on. I need to make a phone call or an appointment to meet with the insurance woman to make sure that we are going to be able to get insurance approval for IVF. It shouldn’t be a problem because of Jeff’s SA being so poor. But it could get tricky since we haven’t done any IUIs. Anyways I just need to make sure it is all set.

I went to a bridal shower yesterday for a friend I grew up with. She was actually in my wedding a couple of years ago. Its strange to think that she is getting married. She is a few years younger than me. I actually first met her at our summer camp when I was a CIT (counselor in training) and she was one of my campers! Now she is getting ready to graduate from college and get married! Makes me feel old! Anyway, the shower was at our church and a bunch of the girls I grew up with in church ,who are either a few years older than me or a few years younger than me, were there. None of them know about my IF struggle. There was one friend of mine there who has a 18 month old girl and a belly that’s ready to pop, another girl with a 4 month old, and then someone else I didn’t know with a baby that was maybe a year old. That was hard enough.

But what really got to me was everyone teasing the bride to be. Talking about how many ribbons she broke opening gifts equaling how many babies she’ll have and how big her belly will be when she gets pregnant, her future mother in law was talking all about how she wants grandchildren. I remember being at my shower and hearing people saying things like that to me. I remember innocently thinking how much fun it would be to get pregnant and how it would happen whenever I decided I was ready. I wish there was an understanding among the general population that fertility is not a guarantee. It is not always as easy as just stopping your birth control. If 12.5% of the population suffers from infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, why on earth is there not better education and understanding of infertility. I know it goes back to the infertile world vs the fertile world but good Lord! No one would sit there and have such a lack of compassion for breast cancer victims. I guess it was just hard sitting there remembering how hopeful and innocently I went into our marriage regarding starting a family.

Oh and to add to it all, today at Easter Sunday service, the wife of someone I grew up with, someone who I happen to know went through IVF to get pregnant with her first baby (she also magically got pregnant on her own when her first baby was a few months old), asked me in front of many people when I was going to start having babies. I just gave my pat answer of “I don’t know, we’ll see” but I just wanted to say something smart assed like, “oh I don’t know I guess after the docs take my eggs out of my ovaries and put one of Jeff’s screwed up sperm into my egg and then a few days later put an embryo back into my uterus and we pray for two weeks that it sticks and then continue to pray for 9 months that nothing awful happens. I guess that will be when” but I guess I’ll just smile and give my pat answer yet again.

Oh and I got outed at work the other day. I think I have mentioned a nurse that I work with who has gone through IVF. However up until the other day she and I had never spoken about it. Well, staffing at the hospital was looking for someone to work a double shift and I was considering it. The charge nurse, who is aware of everything I am going through says to me, just make sure you don’t over do it, you have a lot of stuff going on with school and going back and forth to Springfield all the time, don’t take on too much right now. Well the other nurse picked right up on that and asked me why I was going to Springfield, was I going through infertility treatments. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights, I was so thrown off. I said yes and it actually turned out to be okay because we had a good conversation about it all. I just felt bad because the one man we have who works with us was sitting right there when this all went down. I wasn’t really ready for him to know about all of it but hey whats done is done. She must have heard me talking to our charge nurse at some point about our IF treatments because as soon as Springfield was mentioned she jumped in asking about IF. So while I was mildly horrified at first I am glad she knows and I now have someone in real life I can talk to!

I hope everyone is having a good Easter. I will check back in after Tuesday’s appointment.

March 15, 2008

I Survived the HSG…

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So I had my HSG today and am very happy to report that for once we got good news, everything is all clear and wide open. My mom came with me for the hour and a half drive and we went out to eat at Olive Garden before the test. I was quite nervous once we got to the hospital because I have heard so many different stories of how this test went for different people. Thankfully mine wasn’t too bad. It was uncomfortable, definitely uncomfortable, but it was done and over quick enough. I did bleed a bit, more than the doc said is typical when she pulled the catheter out, and I am still spotting but not that bad. I feel like I have period cramps, mostly in my back. But, its nothing more than I get a day or two before my period. I am glad that this is done and over. Super glad it came out normal. I needed good news today. Last night I had a dream that the did the scan and when they looked at the screen they discovered I didn’t have Fallopian tubes. The doctor just looked at me and shrugged and said, “I guess you weren’t born with them, tough break” and walked out of the room. I woke up after this and looked at the clock and realized it was all just a dream but man, it freaked me out a bit!

So now we have one more thing checked off of our little IVF checklist. Next step is to call the clinic on Monday and schedule an appt to meet with the doc to find out what med protocol he thinks will be best for our first IVF cycle! Wooohoooo! Then Jeff and I have to go learn how to due the injections….fun times! Thankfully, a couple of the nurses I work with are willing to do any IM shots I may need in the evenings, since I work the 3-11 shift. One of the nurses was just a little too excited about sticking a needle in my ass 😉

March 12, 2008

Protected: Baby Crutches?!?

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March 7, 2008

A new cycle begins…

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So today is Day 3. Which means today I had to drag myself to Springfield for Day 3 bloodwork. So my last cycle went 40 days, which is longer than the 35 days my last few cycles have been. I called the RE on Monday which was Day 39 and told them that my period still hadn’t started and that I was eager to start my next cycle so I can do bloodwork and the HSG. So they sent me to the local hospital for a pregnancy test and a progestrone level. I was suppose to call today to get the results and then start Provera but of course two days later I woke up to my period. I felt like the person who brings their car to the garage just to have the noise stop when they get there. So anyways I am on Day 3 and I am very excited to be doing tests and such. The RE gave me a checklist of preliminary things I need to get done before I start my first IVF cycle. So I am very excited to be checking things off, slowly but surely. Jeff and I went for our IVF information overview last week, which was mostly info I already knew, thanks to hours spent on the internet, but it was good for Jeff to hear. We went out to dinner afterwards and had a really good conversation about the whole process. We talked about his feelings about the process, how many embryos we would want to transfer, I explained certain areas of the process that he still wasn’t clear on. I felt so much better after that night. I feel like we are on the same page now.

I go back to Springfield on Friday March 14 for my HSG. I am not really worried about this test, I just hope it doesn’t hurt much. The whole idea of having radioactive dye pushed through my fallopian tubes doesn’t thrill me, but what the hell, why not?! I did notice on the IVF checklist that there is mention of needing a sonogram in prep for the first IVF cycle. The doctor hasn’t mentioned this to me. I am going to call them on Monday to find out if this is something I should be scheduling. I am going to see if I can set up my follow up appt with the doc on Monday as well. They told me to set it up once all of my testing was done but I am thinking maybe we can schedule it now for whenever they would have the results, rather than waiting until next Friday to schedule. In my little head I am actually wondering if I will be able to start BCP with my next cycle. Since I have long cycles anyways, it should give me plenty of time to have my follow up appt and then my protocol class with the IVF nurses. I already have BCP at home, I am hoping I can just use those pills, makes more sense than just letting them sit there. Does anyone know if they tend to prescribe a certain kind of BCP to regulate your cycle before IVF? I wonder if my plan of starting BCP next cycle is realistic. Based on my typical 35 day cycle, I am not due to start my next cycle until April 8. Which means I could potentially have egg retrieval in the middle to end of May. That would be awesome. I guess I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself. I am just so excited to be actively working towards getting pregnant. I just hope I am not setting myself up…

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