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April 16, 2008

My puppy isn’t such a puppy anymore….

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So I should clarify something. While I refer to Daphne as a puppy, she is not. She is actually going to be 8 years old this summer. I brought her to the vet yesterday and found out that my Daphne has arthritis in her elbow on the leg that she was limping with. She is now on a pain med till Saturday and will be on joint supplements for the rest of her life. I think it may have been aggravated by the fact that Jeff and I got a new bed frame recently which is higher than our old one. I think it is just too much for her. Of course there is no way to stop her from jumping up there so hopefully the joint supplement will cushion her joints and make it easier for her. I am just glad that she is okay.

I got all of my meds yesterday! I am excited and anxious for Monday to come. I want to get things moving here. It looks like my period should start around 4/27 and they are estimating that ER and ET will be the week of May 14th. Which of course is the week of my friends wedding and my nieces birthday and my birthday! The IVF nurse suggested that I could push things back a week if I want so that I will definitely be free for that weekend. HA! I think another week of waiting to start would kill me. No thanks, I will gladly miss the wedding and/or Sasha’s birthday party if needed. It would be kinda cool to have one or the other land on my birthday!

Its funny to me how much the infertility has become a part of my daily life. Battling this disease isn’t even an option for me. Its a necessity. As I was explaining the shots to my sister she told me she hopes my kids will know how much I went through to get them someday. To me there was no choice about if we should do IVF or not. I guess its the way I grew up. My brother was diagnosed with pediatric bipolar when he was 7 years old. My family has always just approached struggles head on and just pull together and do what needs to be done. Same thing when my gram was paralyzed after a doc screwed up a surgery or when my uncle died 2 months after my gram’s surgery and my mom and uncle had to tell my gram that her oldest son was dead. We Rowlands just pick up the pieces, put them together as best as we can and push on through. That is the way I feel about IVF. Do I want to give myself shots? Not at all. But thats what has to happen so that the way it will be. I think my sister thinks I am a little crazy for going through all of this. LOL I guess that what happens when one sister is fertile myrtle and the other isn’t. But just as my sister will do anything for her two daughters, I feel the intense need to do whatever is needed to bring my children into the world. I know that I am suppose to be a mom. It is something I have dreamed about since I was a little girl. So if I have to go through IVF or adoption to achieve that calling, so be it. I know that God will give me the desires of my heart. He would not have given me such a strong desire for motherhood if it wasn’t meant to be.



  1. I think I will always call my dogs “my pups” Im sorry about Daphne’s arthritis=(
    I can relate so much to the last paragraph of this post–its just a necessity to deal with the cards we’ve been dealt, and pray that God will give us strength to get through it!

    Comment by JJ — April 16, 2008 @ 5:57 pm |Reply

  2. Beckley, my doggie, gets glucosamine conjointin twice a day, via hot dog! He won’t eat it plain.

    In the US Airways catalog they have in the back of the seats, they had doggie steps to get up to the bed. Just an idea.

    People who think we are crazy for going through IVF, are crazy! I guess you don’t know unless it’s YOU dealing with it.

    Bring on the science!

    Comment by PJ — April 16, 2008 @ 10:33 pm |Reply

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