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May 19, 2008

No change….

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I went to the RE for my bloodwork and u/s this morning. I don’t yet know the estrodial level but there was no change in my ovaries over the weekend, nothing grew, everything looks the same. This is rather frustrating to me. So depending on what my bloodwork says, I think they are going to bump up my meds. The RN did say that sometimes the estrogen level has to get to a certain point and then suddenly the ovaries kick in and there is a huge growth. Its funny because last week I could really feel things going on in my ovaries. This weekend I didn’t feel much of anything but I just attributed it to how busy my weekend was and that I just didn’t notice. But apparently there really wasn’t anything going on this weekend….very annoying. I have certainly not given up hope or anything. They told me that people with PCOS are often slow responders, so I guess its not surprising that my ovaries seem to have stalled out. I would just hate to see this get turned into an IUI like poor PJ at Not that anyone at the RE’s office has said anything like that. I am just getting ahead of myself, as usual!


I am so glad that I decided to push back my cycle a week so I would be free for this past weekend. Saturday was my friends Alicia and Craig got married. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast. I LOVE dancing at weddings and my husband loves to be the center of attention so it makes for a fun event for us. Yesterday was my niece’s first birthday party up at my BIL’s mom’s house. Any time I get to spend with those girls is always fun. And I had a good time hanging out with my sister. So without a doubt this past weekend was worth putting my cycle back a week!

Oh I have a cute story to tell you from the wedding. I had to do my shot while at the wedding. So my mom and I went into the bathroom and I pulled my three different needles out, my three little vials of meds, and my alcohol wipes out. A friend of mine from church and her 13 year old daughter came into the bathroom with us. Of course I have no shame so I continue what I was doing, mixing my meds and such. So the four of us are all talking and I looked up at my friend and laughed and told her that I wasn’t doing drugs. She laughed and said that she figured as much since my mom was standing right there. So I explain about the IVF and such. She told me about a friend she has who went through IVF. She said she would be praying for us and such. Then I went into the stall to actually give myself the shot and she and her daughter left the bathroom. Apparently after they left the bathroom her daughter looked at her and asked what it was that I was doing. She explained that I am trying to getting pregnant. Her daughter looked at her mom and said “with a needle?!?!” I thought that was so cute!!!


Alright, I will check back in once I hear from the RE. Please keep us in your prayers that things work out for this cycle.



  1. Doesn’t that little girl’s response sum up like the whole world’s view?

    Comment by Alison — May 19, 2008 @ 8:32 pm |Reply

  2. ahaha! I’m just now reading back to this – after reading and responding to the newer post.

    Awwwlright now! If you’re gonna refer to my blog, it’s gotta be about good news! LOL!

    No, seriously, the way it was all explained to me from the RE was that some women have different responses to the meds on different months. And he explained it like it was pretty normal. “We don’t know why, and it’s hard to explain to people” were his close to exact words. Kind of comforting, I guess. But I KNOW that next round (assuming the turkey basting didn’t take), I will be super sensitive to the results of the u/s and I will ASK about estrogen levels. I plan on being a pain in the ass. I think I’ve paid for that right.

    Comment by PJ — May 20, 2008 @ 12:58 am |Reply

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