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June 30, 2008


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So I think this cycle is actually going to lead to an egg retrieval! I am so excited. There are actually eggs growing inside of me and lo and behold my estrogen level is climbing instead of dropping!!! I don’t know exactly what my estrogen level was on Saturday (the doc left a voicemail b/c I was dumb and left my phone in the car for 20 minutes) but she said things look good and the levels are climbing and the thing that thrilled me is that she told me to bring my garlinex with me Monday to my ultrasound b/c she thinks I will be ready for it by then!!!! I have been so pessimistic this cycle, always waiting for the levels to drop, especially when they increased my doses and my level only increased a little bit back at the beginning of the week. But it looks like my ovaries are actually going to cooperate this time! I go back to for another ultrasound and bloodwork in the morning and I am excited to she whats going on. As much as it has been a pain to go back and forth to the hospital (1.5 hours away) every other day, I am very glad that they are monitoring me so close.

I didn’t end up going to the reunion this weekend. My sister decided to keep my niece with her on Saturday so I didn’t have her to bring with me and I was going to be super rushed coming back from the RE on Saturday morning. It just wasn’t worth it, especially since I may have thrown a fit at the first person who asked me when we were going to start having kids.  Yeah, I think it was better for everyone that I didn’t go. And I actually slept Satuday night! I went to bed at 11pm on Saturday night, slept through the night, woke up around 8:30, gave myself my first shot, and then went back to bed until noon. It was fabulous to sleep in after waking up at 5:15am three times this past week and not getting home until midnight from work. Of course its currently 12:30am and I am writing this post instead of sleeping. Go figure. I never sleep well the night before I go to the RE for monitoring.

I have been thinking a lot today and I think I am going to transfer 2 blasts if we get to that point. This has been such a long, difficult, exhusting process and I want to increase my chances of getting pregnant. I know that this increases my chance of having twins, but it also increases my chances of having at least on embryo sticking. Of course I haven’t discussed this line of thinking with Jeff yet, but I am sure he will go along with whatever I want to do. I just want to give myself the best chance possible to actually have this cycle end with a pregnancy.


June 27, 2008

And the drama continues…

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I went today for my bloodwork and first ultrasound of this cycle. Today my estrogen was 120, still not super high, but hey at least it didn’t drop this time! My ultrasound looked good, lots of follicles around 8mm. They increased my gonalf to 225 IU twice a day, with a side of 1 vial of menopur. I go back to see them on Saturday.  So while I haven’t completly stepped away from the dark side of thinking, I have backed away a bit, at least for today.

I have switched to a smaller needle for my shots and so far no spouts of blood. The nurse was resistant to me using the insulin needles (I didn’t tell her that I had already done one shot with that kind of needle!) Then she suggested using the smaller gonalf needle, which is smaller than the original needle but not as small as the insulin needles. So thats what I used tonight and it went fine. So I guess I will use the gonalf needles, but as soon as I get another blood rush I am switching back to the insulin needle.

The drama with my sister is continuing. I still haven’t heard from her about if I am going to be able to take my niece Nadia to this family reunion on Saturday or  not. I left her a message today but so far no response.  We will see…

Oh I wanted to say congrats to all of the Braces Bunchers who have gotten BFPs this cycle. Hope the trend continues!!! 🙂




June 26, 2008

After 3 Days of stims….

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My estrogen level was only 79!!! ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME???? I went on Tuesday, which was actually two days before I was originally suppose to have bloodwork but the doc decided he wanted to watch me closer since my last cycle was so screwy. Sounds good to me and I am glad that they had me in on Tuesday. So the nurse (my favorite nurse named Ellen) called and told me that they wanted me to change how I give my meds. I am now doing two shots, one in the morning and one in the evening. I am still at the same amount of meds, just cut and half and given twice. They are wondering if I am metabolizing the meds too quickly or something.  So apparently shooting up twice a day is suppose to help that. I go back in the morning for bloodwork and ultrasound. Hopefully something is cooking inside of me!!!

So my mind keeps going to the dark place and wondering what the hell I am going to do if my body continues to not respond to meds. I mean for crying out loud this is suppose to be the easy part of the process! The fertilization is suppose to be the challenge, not producing the eggs! We haven’t even gotten to the hard part yet! I mean, what am I suppose to do if this doesn’t work out???

June 23, 2008

Not so naive this time…

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So I am definitly not taking this cycle for granted like I took the last one. Last cycle I had complete faith that everything would work out perfectly. This time I am questioning everything. I was concerned when I didn’t get much of a period last week after stopping my BCP. But the nurses told me that was fine and that my lining wasn’t very thick last cycle due to the BCP. Okay that made since to me. So last night I took my first stim shot, which was considerably more meds than last time. 300 units of gonal-f instead of 225 and 2 vials of menopur instead of one. The shot went fine, no problem. So today I am at work and I go into the bathroom and my spotting had turned into full fledged period flow. I started to freak out. Thankfully way back months ago I programed every single number related to the IVF process in my cell. So I had the on call RE paged because damn it I am not going to let anything go wrong this time. So the RE calls me back and assured me that it was fine and not to worry about it. She said if I wanted to I could take a Motrinto slow down the bleeding. After I got off the phone I started to feel like a fruitloop for calling her for something that seemed so small. But then I thought about it and realized that is why they are on call. To answer calls from crazy psychotic IVF patients who had their first cycles canceled. So I decided that I did the right thing.

So this evening I was giving myself my shot and when I pulled the needle out, it started bleeding! That never happened before either. But it stopped bleeding easily and I had done the injection on the side of my stomach that I had a lot of pain and bruising with last time. I think that there may still be some under skin bleeding, which is probably worse now that I am back on the baby aspirin. Since it stopped bleeding quickly I decided to let it slide.

Which begs the question, where am I going to see blood next that surprises and alarms me??

Oh, and I want to document that today after one shot I could feel twinges in my right ovary. And my boobs are bothering me a little. I am interested in seeing and keeping track of how it feels everyday of this cycle since last cycle everything stalled out over the weekend of my friends wedding, the weekend that I stopped feeling any twinges. For crying out loud I am going to be a wreck when I do finally get pregnant!!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!



June 20, 2008

Welcome to my new home!

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Welcome! I decided to change from blogger to wordpress, as you have clearly noticed.  I have been thinking about it for a while now but didn’t want to loose all of the posts I had at the other blog. So when I realized you could just import it all I decided to jump right in! So thank you for following over to the new location.  It is going to take me a bit to figure out all of the ins and outs of this new site up but I am excited about it. I am most excited about the password protection for certain posts. After I wrote my post yesterday venting about my family situation, I got a little paranoid about family finding it. Yet I don’t want to go completely password protection, so the ability to do it for individual posts is perfect! Email me at jess517 at hotmail dot com if you want the password for those posts.

So everyone change your google readers and blog rolls so I don’t loose any of you!

June 19, 2008

Protected: Seriously?!?

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

June 15, 2008

Show and Tell–House Hunting!

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Jeff and I have decided to buy a house!!! I came home yesterday from my ultrasound (which was perfect and I take my last BCP on Monday) and there was a letter taped to my apartment door. Inside was a letter from my landlords saying that as of July 1 we will be responsible for our own electricity. The letter was dated for June 1 even though it wasn’t given to us until June 13. Definitely not the 30 day notice we are suppose to have legally. The problem is that the landlords are Jeff’s parents neighbors, people Jeff has grown up with and are family friends. So its not so easy to tell them to shove their note and give us a real 30 day notice about the electric. We moved in here in Dec of 2006 after having the cutest apartment with landlords from hell. The main reason I agreed to take this apartment was because heat and electric was included. So I looked past the fact that it really isn’t that nice of an apartment, its upstairs, and we only have parking for one car. Then in May of 2007 we were told that the rent was going up by $50 due to the increasing costs of electric. Now we are being told that we have to pay for our own electric. That would make me think that the rent should go down, given the reason the rent went up. Anyways, despite how much my tongue is bleeding from holding in my anger and frustrations about the situation, I am going to shut up for the sake of family peace.
However this situation has been just the shove we needed to decide to get out and find a house. We can’t afford anything too expensive but there are options out there. So today for Show and Tell I am showing everyone a house. It is the house that as of today is the one we are looking at. Of course I should tell you that we haven’t seen the inside yet and things may very will change. But for the purpose of celebrating the fact that we may actually buy a house, here is the house we are looking at
It is a two family duplex house. There are 7 rooms on one side and 6 on the other. It is a foreclosure so it is being sold at a low price. I think it needs from foundation work done (that’s what the realtor said) but again due to the low price we could afford to take out extra on a loan to fix it if needed. I am excited about the whole concept of buying a house. I feel like such a grown up!!!

June 13, 2008

Rear ender…

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Rear Ender…that is what I am. Today on my way to work I rear ended a second car in just under two years. Fantastic!!!! Ugh. I was on my way to work this afternoon and suddenly the car two spots ahead of me stopped short. So the car in front of me stopped short and I couldn’t stop in time and I got up close and personal with the car in front of me. Multiple obscene words exited my mouth before I got out of the car to see if everyone was okay. Of course this all happened 50 feet away from the police station so they were there in no time flat. Of course I am being cited for following too closely (which if I remember correctly is a $5o fine) and now will have to pay even higher car insurance rates come August when my policy renews. I didn’t end up going to work because I was all shook up and needed to call my insurance company.

In other news, I go to the RE in the morning for baseline ultrasound and will hopefully be taking my last BCP on Monday and starting stims on Saturday the 21st. I am ready to get things going!

Well, since I have an unplanned day off of work (though I would rather be at work than be a rear ender) I think I will work on some braces bunches mail! 🙂

June 2, 2008

Nursing School Here I Come!!!

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I found out this morning that I have been given a spot for the nursing program for this fall!!! I am super excited and yet super scared and nervous all at the same time. But I am glad I don’t have to wait until next fall to get into the program. And if I do get pregnant with this next round of IVF, I know that my family will help out and support Jeff and I. My mom has already volunteered to help with childcare and my in laws are super good about letting us borrow money when it is needed. I know we will be okay no matter what happens, but like a said a few posts ago, I don’t enjoy the unknown. Anyways for today I am celebrating the fact that I am starting nursing school in September which means I will be done with school a whole year before I thought I would be. Which not to sound completely materialistic, and please don’t think that this is why I am going to nursing school, but it will be nice to start making nursing pay before 2011!

Anyways, just wanted to share my good news!!!

Welcome AF!!!

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This is a run down of the mental conversation I had with myself when I visited the bathroom yesterday:

“Well look at that! Hello cycle day 1!!! Thanks for visiting me a week early! Now we can get moving! Bring on the birth control pills!!! WHOOOHOOO!”

And just so you all know, I don’t normally have mini celebrations while sitting on the toilet. However yesterday I felt like breaking out the noisemakers and having myself a party!!!

IVF #1 Round 2 has begun!

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