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June 30, 2008


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So I think this cycle is actually going to lead to an egg retrieval! I am so excited. There are actually eggs growing inside of me and lo and behold my estrogen level is climbing instead of dropping!!! I don’t know exactly what my estrogen level was on Saturday (the doc left a voicemail b/c I was dumb and left my phone in the car for 20 minutes) but she said things look good and the levels are climbing and the thing that thrilled me is that she told me to bring my garlinex with me Monday to my ultrasound b/c she thinks I will be ready for it by then!!!! I have been so pessimistic this cycle, always waiting for the levels to drop, especially when they increased my doses and my level only increased a little bit back at the beginning of the week. But it looks like my ovaries are actually going to cooperate this time! I go back to for another ultrasound and bloodwork in the morning and I am excited to she whats going on. As much as it has been a pain to go back and forth to the hospital (1.5 hours away) every other day, I am very glad that they are monitoring me so close.

I didn’t end up going to the reunion this weekend. My sister decided to keep my niece with her on Saturday so I didn’t have her to bring with me and I was going to be super rushed coming back from the RE on Saturday morning. It just wasn’t worth it, especially since I may have thrown a fit at the first person who asked me when we were going to start having kids.  Yeah, I think it was better for everyone that I didn’t go. And I actually slept Satuday night! I went to bed at 11pm on Saturday night, slept through the night, woke up around 8:30, gave myself my first shot, and then went back to bed until noon. It was fabulous to sleep in after waking up at 5:15am three times this past week and not getting home until midnight from work. Of course its currently 12:30am and I am writing this post instead of sleeping. Go figure. I never sleep well the night before I go to the RE for monitoring.

I have been thinking a lot today and I think I am going to transfer 2 blasts if we get to that point. This has been such a long, difficult, exhusting process and I want to increase my chances of getting pregnant. I know that this increases my chance of having twins, but it also increases my chances of having at least on embryo sticking. Of course I haven’t discussed this line of thinking with Jeff yet, but I am sure he will go along with whatever I want to do. I just want to give myself the best chance possible to actually have this cycle end with a pregnancy.




  1. Great news! Fingers crossed that you will make it to retrieval and be seeing two pink lines very soon!

    Comment by Cathleen — July 1, 2008 @ 12:43 am |Reply

  2. Yay, yay, yay! This is great news!! I hope it continues!

    Comment by Alison — July 2, 2008 @ 4:06 am |Reply

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