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September 10, 2008

All clear…

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Okay so I went to the doc today and everything is okay. I got to hear the heartbeat which was reassuring. Thank you everyone for all of the well wishes and prayers.

I am still interested in dopplers, if anyone has any recommendations please let me know! Thanks!


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Last night I had a scare. I was at work and went to the bathroom for the hundredth time on my shift and noticed that when I wiped there was blood. Of course I freaked out. I have spotted before but it has always been after having sex. And since it has been about a week, I was scared because this spotting was unexplained. I told my charge nurse that I needed to go make a phone call to the doc and told her what was happening. I went outside and called Jeff and then called the doc. My OB was on call so he called me back and wasn’t very concerned. He said as long as I didn’t have any cramping and that the bleeding didn’t get heavy that he didn’t think it was worth going to the ER for.  I really didn’t appreciate his dismissive tone, I knew he was right. So I am going to be seen this afternoon by one of the midwives in the practice (actually the one I saw first about my inability to get pregnant) The bleeding has stopped. I haven’t had any cramping. So I think I am ok. But I will feel better after hearing the heartbeat/seeing the baby.

Okay so here is the question of the day. Last night as I was trying to go to sleep all I could think of is how much I wished I had a doppler. Of course I have no idea which brands are the best ones so if those of you who have dopplers could let me know what kind you have and if you would recommend it or not, that would be wonderful.

I will update after my appt this afternoon.

September 8, 2008

Its been awhile….

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So it has been a long time since I have posted. I don’t really know why. I guess part of it is just how tired I have been, and the more time that passed the harder it seemed to come back and post something. But I am forcing myself to jump back in. To give you the rundown on what has occurred over the last few weeks, I think I will just do a bullet list…

-Vacation was wonderful. Like I mentioned in my last post it did rain A LOT but it was a great time to be with my family and celebrate my pregnancy.

-I decided to defer admission to nursing school until Sept of 2009. This was a very hard choice for me to make but it was definitely the right decision. School started a week ago and I can’t even imagine being in school right now. At the start of the summer, I was on the wait list for the program and just beginning my second round of IVF. I didn’t have much hope for either. Then it turned out that not only did one situation work out but they both did. School and pregnancy and I thought I could handle it all. Thank God I came to my senses and realized that I am not superwoman. Anyway the people at the school were very understanding and I have a spot reserved for Fall 2009.

-My sister and I are going to go to start my registries when she gets back from Florida (she, my BIL and my nieces are currently at Disney…not that I am jealous or anything) I am excited that we are doing this together because I don’t know what all I need and what things are useless to get. My sister is going crazy doing tentative planning for a baby shower. Sometimes I am not sure who is more excited, Jenn or me. I’m just kidding I am so glad she is being so supportive. My oldest niece Nadia is hysterical! Ever since she found out that Auntie has a baby in her belly, she refers to her stuffed animals as her cousins. Last week when I was babysitting she brought three Elmos over to me and lined them all up and looked at me and said, “shhh Auntie the cousins are sleeeeping” She cracks me up! I just hope she doesn’t expect me to give her three cousins all at once!!!

-I had my first OB appt on Aug 26. We got another ultrasound and am amazed at the changes in just three weeks. While the doc was doing the ultrasound the baby started waving at us! I looked that the doc and asked if that was the baby’s arms and he said yes and I was like oh my goodness the baby is waving at us!!!

9w4dIt was without a doubt the most exciting thing so far! The appt its self went well. I was very happy with the doc and felt comfortable with him. The one thing that came of the appt was that the OB is not comfortable with me being on zoloft past 20 weeks due to the risk of persistent pulmonary hypertension ( So after going back and forth between my OB and my psych doc it has been determined that I will switch to wellbutrin after the first trimester is over. Wellbutrin can cause birth defects if used in the first trimester but has been shown to be safe in the second and third trimesters. And then as soon as I give birth I will go back to the zoloft because you can’t be on wellburtin when breastfeeding. I am a little nervous about this because I have been on zoloft for a long time (like since I was 17) and my depression has been very stable ever since. I don’t want to set myself up for post partum depression. Anyways hopefully it will all work out in the end.
I think thats probably the full run down of whats been going on in my world the last few weeks. Hope everyone has been doing will. I have been reading along with everyone even though I have been quiet. I promise it won’t be so long before my next post. I have my NT scan on Friday so hopefully I will have new pictures of little Baby K.

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