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December 1, 2008

Its been a long time…

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Hello out there!!!

Okay so I have been a very bad blogger over the last few months. I have wanted to write several times, but felt like I had nothing much to say. I suppose it takes a small crisis it get me to post a new entry.  Rather than retype the whole story I am going to cut and paste an email I sent out to some of my friends and family and then I will pick up with some other stuff after the letter:


Hello everyone,
As most, if not all of you know, I found out I was pregnant this summer after a successful IVF cycle. Things have been going smoothly, minus an uncooperative child who wouldn’t uncross its legs for an ultrasound. Yesterday, things began to change. I woke up not feeling quite right, feeling a little off, but ignored it and went about my way. I went to church in the morning, went to Walmart in the afternoon for groceries, and then came home and with my brother and Jeff, gave my dog Daphne a bath and haircut. Around 6pm I noticed I was having some cramps. I was relaxing on the couch kind of observing what was going on. About 25 minutes later I alerted Jeff that I wasn’t feeling well and that I didn’t know the difference between a cramp and a contraction. So we called my doctor, who told me to get something to eat and drink and lay down and see how it goes. So I did, but it wasn’t going away. So around 7:30 we went up to the hospital and got attached to the monitors. Because I am only 23 weeks, the machines were having a hard time detecting if there were any contractions or not. However the nurse checked my cervix and said she wasn’t sure if it was closed. So the doctor was called in, I was given a shot of terbutaline to stop any contractions. When the doctor came in he checked me, said that my cervix is closed but its soft. It shouldn’t be soft at this point in the pregnancy. I have an appointment with a midwife tomorrow morning where I will be asking 101 questions. I don’t know fully what this all means, but yesterday when the doctor told me that my cervix was soft, I was so overwhelmed, I couldn’t ask him any questions other than what would have caused this, to which he said that no one knows what causes labor or cervix changes. At this point he said I was having preterm contractions, but was not in preterm labor. I don’t know if I am going to end up on bed rest or what is going to happen. Obviously I will do whatever is needed to protect my child, however, having to stop working at this point would create a lot of financial issues. Please pray for things to stay quiet and for my cervix to remain closed. Prayers for avoiding bed rest would be appreciated as well.
I will keep you all updated.
Thanks for your love and support,
Jess, Jeff and Baby K


Okay so my question for everyone out there is has anyone ever had something like this happen to them? As of now I know that my cervix is closed but I don’t know how long that will continue. I don’t know if I am making a huge deal out of something that isn’t such a big deal. I don’t know whats going to happen but I am kind of freaking out. If anyone has any advice or personal experience I would love to hear it!

By the way, even though I have been MIA on my blog, I have been reading everyones stories and I am so excited for everyone who is pregnant currently and my heart and prayers go out to everyone who is currently in treatment.

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  1. You are in my thoughts and I hope everything works out well. I never had issues with my cervix, but I did have to do a stint of bedrest for my first one–it is not bad, but I wish for you to have to avoid it!

    Take Care!

    Comment by Delenn — December 2, 2008 @ 10:22 pm |Reply

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