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July 18, 2008

Drumroll please…

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My beta today was 93!!!! I go back on Monday to recheck it. Jeff and I are on our way out to lunch to celebrate, so I will update more later!

July 16, 2008

Pretty little thing in my purse…

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I have this pretty little thing in my purse. Some people would find it strange that I am carrying it around in my bag with me. Personally I think its the best little pick me up I have seen in a long time. You see in my purse is a thing which changed my life forever. Its confirmation that good things do happen and they even happen to me.

Currently in my purse, sitting in the back room at work is the most beautiful word I have ever seen: “Pregnant!” Thats right, displayed on the most wonderful hpt ever is the word pregnant and the best news is that there is no “not” listed before it! Just pregnant! I, Jessica Jane K, am pregnant! How much better can the world possibly get???

Of course the official beta isn’t until Friday, but I am feeling very confident about this. I even took the last walmart hpt I had left and that came up clearly positive too!!! My friends, it does appear that I am going to be a mommy!!!!

July 15, 2008


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I have been trying to lay low and not over think everything. Which is of course nearly impossible. I have been trying to tell my self that the strange little stomach cramps are just gas pains or something. Or that my moodiness is just from the waiting. Or that the nausea I feel every time I have my mom’s potato salad that I normally love, is just from the heat. But you see I don’t think I believe that. Or at least I don’t want to believe that. I want to believe that these are all early pregnancy signs. And to tell you a little secret, one that I haven’t even shared with Jeff, I think that they are. I bought some cheap wal.mart preg tests and have been peeing on them frequently. Because there was just no way I could wait till Wednesday like I said I would. So the first day was clearly neg. But the second test had a faint second line. Of course I thought i was seeing things. So later in the day when I had a stockpile of pee in my bladder, I took another test. Again there appeared to be a second line. However, because I wasn’t positive about it, I haven’t told anyone. But I bought today a pack of three EPT digital tests because I am done messing around with lines. And three was the perfect number because I can take one every morning starting tomorrow morning through Friday morning when I go for my beta. So we will see what is what in the morning when we are dealing with words, not stupid lines.

In other news my mom was in a car accident on Monday. She was rear ended and has some serious whiplash going on. The doctor also thinks something is going on with the nerves in her neck because she is having a lot tingling going from her right shoulder all the way to her fingers. Poor thing, I feel bad for her.  She is in a lot of pain right now and could use any prayers for comfort you guys can give.

Thats pretty much the latest over here in Massachusetts. There is more drama happening with my sister. The long and short of it is that she didn’t show up for a birthday dinner on Sunday for my dad and for Jeff and it was the needle that broke the camels back and now everything is at a stalemate. Drama, drama, drama! Not what I need this week so I am trying to ignore it as much as possible.

July 12, 2008

The Nagging Wife vs. The Husband with the Thick Head

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Sometimes I really feel like knocking my husband upside his head! I don’t want to be the nagging wife, yet I feel like I have to nag and yell at him for things to get through his head. He doesn’t think about how much money things cost. He took money out of our bank account again today for stupid stuff without checking with me first. He has no clue what is coming out of our bank account on what days or what bills are due when. Ahhhh, he drives me crazy sometimes! He has never had any financial responsibilities before we got married and he just doesn’t get it. It was only $20 but he does this often. I ended up yelling at him tonight and he said he was sorry and would put the money back in when he gets paid next week. But experience tells me that this won’t be the last time this happens. I could try to sit down with him and show him what we have for bills every month but he gets the glazed over, checked out look on his face whenever I try to sit him down to discuss things like that. (Picture wedding planning…) I know that we have only been married for a couple of year (two years in Oct) and that young married couples go through ups and downs, especially when you through infertility into the mix as well. But gosh I don’t like the hard and frustrating times!!!

I am moody and hormonal and it is probably being made ten times worse due to my hormones….I love my husband more than anything, sometimes I just feel the need to kick him! You know???

Oh by the way, I POAS this morning and it was negative so the trigger shot is out of my system!!! I am going to try to make it until Wednesday to test again. We’ll see how that works out.

July 11, 2008

I am with embryo!

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Yesterday was my embryo transfer and we successfully transfered one embryo. We went in with the intention of transferring two but the doc and my nurse Ellen really recommended only transferring one. They told us that we had beautiful embryos, some of the best that the lab has ever seen. They gave us a 60% chance of implantation. Since having twins was never my goal and I only wanted to transfer two in order to increase the chances of having at least one implant, I feel mostly comfortable with the fact that we transferred only one. Once and a while I become a little panicky, but I just keep telling myself to have faith in the embryo. We had 4 blasts that they were able to freeze for the future. 

So I have been trying to take it really easy. I spent all day yesterday laying down. I am working today but I am staying off my feet and taking it easy. Thankfully I am supervising an new employee who is at the tail end of her orientation, so she is doing all of the hard work.  Of course I did fall on my ass today at work when I went to sit on a stool. Fabulous. Hopefully I didn’t knock the embryo off from its implantation journey. 

I am really nausous today. I think it is from the heat. Its obviously not morning sickness, that would be way too fast! But I do feel like I am going to toss my cookies everynow and again. Gross.

So my beta is on Friday July 18, 2008!!!

July 7, 2008

Heading for Day 5!

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Given how my first cycle went and how the start of this cycle went, I keep waiting for something to happen. Before my retrieval I was convinced that we would have very few eggs. Wrong, we got 28. Then I figured that the fertilization would be crappy due to the insurance saying Jeff’s sperm samples were just above what they required for ICSI. Wrong, my some divine act his sample from that day fit into the insurance criteria and they did ICSI after all. Then I figured most of them wouldn’t fertilize, good Lord was I wrong about that, 18 of them did. So after all of that good luck I was really scared of what would happen today when the clinic called to tell me if we would be doing a day 3 (today) or day 5 transfer (Wednesday). Well they called this morning and told me we are going for a day 5. I was so excited I almost didn’t think to ask how many embryos are still with us. But I did and guess what they told me!!! 15 are still kicking!! Holy crap!

Jeff and I have decided to transfer two embryos on Wednesday. This was such a hard stimulation cycle, physically and emotionally, that I want to increase our chances of having this work out in the end. I was surprised that Jeff went along with it so willingly when I brought it up to him. He had been very fearful of twins so I didn’t know how he would react, but he is okay with it.

Things are looking up around here and I couldn’t be happier!!!

July 5, 2008

The day after

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So yesterday was my egg retrieval, which went amazingly well as I wrote yesterday. Today the doctor called and said that of the 28 eggs, 23 were mature and 18 of them fertilized! I am still in shock about the 18! Actually I think I am still in shock about it all. I am so grateful that things are going so well after the rocky start this cycle. I had gotten so discouraged by everything that I couldn’t even see myself being in this place. Wow, I am just in awe.

Today I am still quite uncomfortable. Yesterday I ended up taking three percocets and I am trying to stay away from them today. It is definitely less painful today than yesterday, hopefully ibuprofen will be enough today. I am still very sleepy today though. I am glad that I got someone to work for me today. I am definitely not up to being on my feet all day. The only thing I have to do today is go to Walmart and find something for my niece’s birthday party tomorrow. I don’t know what to get her. She has more toys than any two year old should have, has tons of clothes, really she needs nothing. So we will see what I can find today. I can’t believe she is going to be two!

Well I am getting sleepy again. I think I will go take a nap and when I wake up head off to the store to find something for her birthday.

18 fertilized…wow!

July 4, 2008

28 eggs have been liberated!!!

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My ER was fantastic!!! They got 28 eggs! And Jeff’s sperm sample was low enough that the insurance will pay for ICSI!!! There were no complications and we should hear back tomorrow morning about the fertilization results. For now I am going to go nap as I am still very sleepy! Thank you so much for everyone’s support and well wishes!

July 3, 2008

My eggies are being liberated!!!!

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My eggs will be liberated from my swollen ovaries on the fourth of July! How is that for Independence Day! I am so freakin excited! I am at work right now so I can’t go into much detail but I am triggering tonight at 7:30 and I have to be at the IVF lab at 6:30am on Friday with the ER at 7:30. So exciting! I estrogen level was 1456 this morning! On Saturday I was convinced that this cycle was going to go the way of the last cycle and now here we are getting ready to trigger!

I can’t even tell you how excited I am that my body knows how to make eggs afterall! 🙂

June 30, 2008


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So I think this cycle is actually going to lead to an egg retrieval! I am so excited. There are actually eggs growing inside of me and lo and behold my estrogen level is climbing instead of dropping!!! I don’t know exactly what my estrogen level was on Saturday (the doc left a voicemail b/c I was dumb and left my phone in the car for 20 minutes) but she said things look good and the levels are climbing and the thing that thrilled me is that she told me to bring my garlinex with me Monday to my ultrasound b/c she thinks I will be ready for it by then!!!! I have been so pessimistic this cycle, always waiting for the levels to drop, especially when they increased my doses and my level only increased a little bit back at the beginning of the week. But it looks like my ovaries are actually going to cooperate this time! I go back to for another ultrasound and bloodwork in the morning and I am excited to she whats going on. As much as it has been a pain to go back and forth to the hospital (1.5 hours away) every other day, I am very glad that they are monitoring me so close.

I didn’t end up going to the reunion this weekend. My sister decided to keep my niece with her on Saturday so I didn’t have her to bring with me and I was going to be super rushed coming back from the RE on Saturday morning. It just wasn’t worth it, especially since I may have thrown a fit at the first person who asked me when we were going to start having kids.  Yeah, I think it was better for everyone that I didn’t go. And I actually slept Satuday night! I went to bed at 11pm on Saturday night, slept through the night, woke up around 8:30, gave myself my first shot, and then went back to bed until noon. It was fabulous to sleep in after waking up at 5:15am three times this past week and not getting home until midnight from work. Of course its currently 12:30am and I am writing this post instead of sleeping. Go figure. I never sleep well the night before I go to the RE for monitoring.

I have been thinking a lot today and I think I am going to transfer 2 blasts if we get to that point. This has been such a long, difficult, exhusting process and I want to increase my chances of getting pregnant. I know that this increases my chance of having twins, but it also increases my chances of having at least on embryo sticking. Of course I haven’t discussed this line of thinking with Jeff yet, but I am sure he will go along with whatever I want to do. I just want to give myself the best chance possible to actually have this cycle end with a pregnancy.


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