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June 15, 2008

Show and Tell–House Hunting!

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Jeff and I have decided to buy a house!!! I came home yesterday from my ultrasound (which was perfect and I take my last BCP on Monday) and there was a letter taped to my apartment door. Inside was a letter from my landlords saying that as of July 1 we will be responsible for our own electricity. The letter was dated for June 1 even though it wasn’t given to us until June 13. Definitely not the 30 day notice we are suppose to have legally. The problem is that the landlords are Jeff’s parents neighbors, people Jeff has grown up with and are family friends. So its not so easy to tell them to shove their note and give us a real 30 day notice about the electric. We moved in here in Dec of 2006 after having the cutest apartment with landlords from hell. The main reason I agreed to take this apartment was because heat and electric was included. So I looked past the fact that it really isn’t that nice of an apartment, its upstairs, and we only have parking for one car. Then in May of 2007 we were told that the rent was going up by $50 due to the increasing costs of electric. Now we are being told that we have to pay for our own electric. That would make me think that the rent should go down, given the reason the rent went up. Anyways, despite how much my tongue is bleeding from holding in my anger and frustrations about the situation, I am going to shut up for the sake of family peace.
However this situation has been just the shove we needed to decide to get out and find a house. We can’t afford anything too expensive but there are options out there. So today for Show and Tell I am showing everyone a house. It is the house that as of today is the one we are looking at. Of course I should tell you that we haven’t seen the inside yet and things may very will change. But for the purpose of celebrating the fact that we may actually buy a house, here is the house we are looking at
It is a two family duplex house. There are 7 rooms on one side and 6 on the other. It is a foreclosure so it is being sold at a low price. I think it needs from foundation work done (that’s what the realtor said) but again due to the low price we could afford to take out extra on a loan to fix it if needed. I am excited about the whole concept of buying a house. I feel like such a grown up!!!

May 17, 2008

Show and Tell

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This is one of my favorite pictures from my wedding. This was taken shortly before leaving my apartment to go outside and take pictures with my bridesmaids and then heading off to the church. Months before the wedding I was looking around on E.bay and found a wedding dress for dogs. I fell in love with the idea of dressing Daphne up as a bride immediately! The only problem is that Daphne doesn’t care for wearing clothing very much. Especially bridal gowns that come with veils! So we waited until the last minute to dress her up and take pictures. It was hysterical! This was one of the only pictures where Daphne was not actively trying to get out of my arms. I love my pup so much!!!

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