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February 20, 2008

A little bit of this and that…

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So I have been trying to think of just what to say to my sister, but in the end I just emailed her and basically told her that I miss her and don’t want to waste anymore time with neither of us reaching out to the other. I did mention in the email that so much stuff has happened over the last few months and how much I miss talking to her about life’s events. So we will see where that goes. Hopefully she’ll email me back and we can go to lunch or get together somewhere.


I am a psychiatric nurses aide on a psychiatric unit. We tend to get a significant amount of older people who are either in the midst of dementia or on the edge of dementia. Last week we had this cute old man who was in his mid 80s I think. Well for whatever reason he asked one of the nurses I work with if she has any children. Now I know that she has dealt with infertility, although I don’t know much about her journey, other than that she had a miscarriage at one point and she and her husband don’t have any children. Well, when this nurse told the man that she didn’t have any kids, he (in all of his dementia glory) started giving her tips on how to conceive a child and than he moved into how to adopt a baby. I was standing at the nurses’ station, right across the hall from this man’s room where this poor nurse was getting an anatomy lesson from this old man. So after listening to this man’s advice (which I would have been so offended by had I not known that this man wasn’t fully there) I went and saved this nurse by telling her she had a phone call. It was funny though because I felt like I was in some secret sisterhood when I went in to rescue her.


I have been using a fertility monitor for my last four cycles or so. I decided to get this b/c the OPK were driving me crazy since my cycles were all over the place in length and I never got a clear reading about when I was ovulating. My first two months with the monitor was great. I knew when I was ovulating and even though I didn’t get pregnant, it made me feel a little better b/c I knew what was going on with my own body. Well, last cycle it never showed that I ovulated but I still got my period right on time on day 35 which makes me think I just missed it last cycle, since there was a few days I forgot to use it. But this cycle I have done everything right and I am CD 27 today and still no ovulation! Not that it matters really since I have kind of lost faith in having sex in order to have a baby so who care when I ovulate at this point, but I think I want to know so I feel like I have some level of control and knowledge about my situation. Since I had my period last cycle, does that mean I did ovulate last month? Can you have your period without ovulating? It seems like such a basic question but I am not sure about the answer to this question.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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