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June 13, 2008

Rear ender…

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Rear Ender…that is what I am. Today on my way to work I rear ended a second car in just under two years. Fantastic!!!! Ugh. I was on my way to work this afternoon and suddenly the car two spots ahead of me stopped short. So the car in front of me stopped short and I couldn’t stop in time and I got up close and personal with the car in front of me. Multiple obscene words exited my mouth before I got out of the car to see if everyone was okay. Of course this all happened 50 feet away from the police station so they were there in no time flat. Of course I am being cited for following too closely (which if I remember correctly is a $5o fine) and now will have to pay even higher car insurance rates come August when my policy renews. I didn’t end up going to work because I was all shook up and needed to call my insurance company.

In other news, I go to the RE in the morning for baseline ultrasound and will hopefully be taking my last BCP on Monday and starting stims on Saturday the 21st. I am ready to get things going!

Well, since I have an unplanned day off of work (though I would rather be at work than be a rear ender) I think I will work on some braces bunches mail! 🙂

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